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AML (Anti money laundering Policy):

E-commerce is not limited within any country; its worldwide today we think most of our customer is e currency trader but AML policy is mainly for others.you can send money to anyone but there is some limitation for money laundering we are describing here.We try to process exchange order between your two payment accounts. That means you are the owner of both account and there is no chance of money laundering and payment gateway takes necessary step to verifying your identity.Sometimes it’s difficult to identify from an account number or wallet id, that both account owner is the same person. If the exchange amount is large in that case we may deny your exchange order or we may ask for your identity. Generally, if a single exchange order amount is less than 5000$ USD we don’t ask you to verify.We may ask for your identity if we notice that your single exchange order is not crossing 5000$ USD but total exchange amount is significantly increasing within a short time frame.For example you are making exchange order over 1,00,000$ USD within 7 days. we shall never hold your money or account we may deny your exchange order if you ignore our verification process.

Be very attentive while specifying the account number. Once you have made a mistake, you will not be able to revoke the transaction.Never transfer money to unfamiliar people.If we complete your order this can not be undone or we can not refund to you. 

We are against terrorism, human trafficking, child pornography, drug dealing, illegal arm trade, corruption, etc. We do not support if any of our client is involve the following act above. 

More details comming soon.....