Support email has been changed: [email protected][email protected]
- 7 july 2017

 Your ecchanger account will be banned permanently if you do not follow any payment sending rulse (Your money will be refunded then banned),If you enter wrong data (Your money will be refunded then banned),If you want refund after sending money to us and before completing exchange order.(Your money will be refunded then banned),If you call false dispute after completing your exchange order.(Your money will not be refunded then banned) or if we notice any kind of fraud activity. You can give test input hundred times or you can contact us if you do not understand anything before creating a real exchange order.
- 22 Jun 2017

 We are happy to say that,exchanging papal is available!!
- 13 june 2017

 Due to a lots of user request via our support email exchanging paypal may have coming back to our exchanger. Some of the rules may be changing for sending paypal.Thanks for choosing ecchanger.
- 10 june 2017

 Due to many unexpected false dispute :).paypal,payza exchange history deleted from our system,Please go to street sell your paypal and buy currency. exchanging paypal is disabled permanently.
- 6 june 2017

 Good bye payza. We are saying good bye to payza. Exchange from to payza is no more available.
- 6 jun 2017

 Sending paypal is temporarily unavailable.
- 6 Jun 2017

 Minimum exchange amount increased from 1$ to 10$ for all payment system.
- 3 Jun 2017

 Minimum exchange amount increased from 1$ to 5$ for paypal.
- 2 Jun 2017

 Sending paypal is available.
- 21 May 2017

 Sending paypal is temporarily unavailable.
- 21 May 2017

 New payment method BTC-e added.
- 20 May 2017

 Cookie based affiliate program enjoy 5% referral commission, for details visit affiliate page.
- 18 May 2017

 Minimum exchange amount limit reduced to 1$ from 5$ except bitcoin.
- 17 May 2017

 Exchange from perfect money, advcash, bitcoin will be manually from today.

- 30 Apr 2017

 Sending bitcoin is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance.
- 30 Apr 2017

 F.A.Q updated.
Question: This website looks like hyip. Is this hyip?
Ans: No. 
- 29 Apr 2017

 Introduction to our new version website and logo what is under construction. Click here to see.
- 29 Apr 2017

 F.A.Q updated.
- 28 Apr 2017

 We have closed relationship with some monitoring partners because of false rating and not updating our reserve.
- 28 Apr 2017