Frequently asked questions

Its depends on operator status, if operator is online your order will be complete within few minutes to hour depending on our order load. If offline you have to wait maximum 24 hour, if you face any unexpected delay over 24 hour, you should contact immediately via our contact form or support email we will refund or process your exchahge order .

You can see operator status on your screen left bottom corner (You need to reload page to get the latest status): 

Operator:  Online  [Operator online]

Operator:  Away    [In last 30 minutes the operator did not check for the new exchange order]

Operator:  Offline  [Operator offline]

Notes: Exchanging from / to PayPal may be a slight delay (Maximum 96 hour) .

Yes, but you may have to wait from 0 to 24 hour to complete.


Yes. E-commerce is not limited in any country; its worldwide, but our suggestion is do not send money to unknown people. 

Our suggestion: 

  1. Be very attentive while specifying the account number. Once you have made a mistake, you will not be able to revoke the transaction.
  2. Never transfer money to unfamiliar people.If we complete your order this can not be undone or we can not refund to you. 

- Do not register an account if you are under 18.

- If the address of the citizens of Ukraine and Belarus, we unfortunately can not send payments to their paypal account because of PayPal's rules

- Some e currency may be illegal depending on your country's laws, creating an exchange order is your own responsibility

You can use our contact page or support email and we do not support our customers via phone, Skype or anywhere. we never ask your account password and payment gateway password etc.Generally you will get response within 24hr.

Support email

[email protected]

Administrator email

[email protected]

No. you can place an exchange order and withdraw your referral commission, deposit sending money etc all other feature is disabled.

  Operator: Offline Last online: